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Stop the EV tax!

Right now governments around the world are seeing the benefits of making electric vehicles cheaper by encouraging uptake. With transport emissions currently sitting at around 20-25% of total emissions in Australia, we need to do what we can to support electric vehicles in SA.

Taxing EV drivers for not burning petrol is like taxing non-smokers for not smoking. It’s an irresponsible decision, at a time when real action on climate change is essential.

Why is South Australia following the flawed Victorian approach to implementing a tax on electric vehicles when 25 organisations including global auto manufacturers Volkswagen and Hyundai and policy experts the Electric Vehicle Council and The Australia Institute have called it “the worst electric vehicle policy in the world”?

The future is electric mobility, alternative fuels and public transport – and it’s time for the state government to invest in a cleaner, greener future for South Australia.

Add your voice to the campaign to stop the Liberals EV tax!

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In August I hosted an online EV forum, you can watch here.

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The Greens are campaigning to stop the Liberals proposed Electric Vehicle Tax.

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