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Tackling the Housing Crisis

South Australia is in the middle of a full-blown housing crisis. While thousands remain on the waitlist for social housing, rent prices have continued to spiral out of control. We desperately need to invest in public housing and reign in soaring rent prices.   

A Fair Go for Renters

In 2023, the State Parliament supported the biggest reforms to renting in a generation which were negotiated between the Greens and the Government. Key measures included:

  • Ending no-cause evictions by introducing prescribed grounds to terminate or not renew a tenancy.
  • Extending the notice period to end a tenancy from 28 days to 60 days.
  • Limits on inspections to 4 times per year.
  • Making it easier to rent with pets.
  • Ensuring rental properties comply with minimum housing standards.
  • Making it easier for victims of domestic violence to break a lease.
  • A new independent tenant’s advocacy service that will stand up for tenant’s rights and represent the interests of tenants.

You can watch my speech on the rental reform bill here.

These changes bring SA into line with other states and offer long-overdue protection for renters — but this isn’t the end.

Property prices continue to surge to record highs, and Adelaide is one of the least affordable cities in Australia when it comes to renting.

The Greens are campaigning to:

  • Cap rents in line with inflation to stop prices skyrocketing out of control.
  • Provide renters with the same Cost of Living Concession as homeowners to help them through the cost-of-living crisis.
  • Introduce energy efficiency standards for rental homes so that renters stay comfortable through hot summers and cold winters.

Action on Homelessness

The Greens have been leading the charge for investment in public housing.

We’re campaigning to:

You can read more about my work on the housing crisis here.