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Housing for People, Not Profit

South Australia is in the middle of full blown housing crisis. While thousands remain on the waitlist for social housing, rent prices have continued to spiral out of control. We desperately need to invest in public housing and reform a rental system that is skewed in favor of landlords.   

A Fair Go for Renters

In 2021 the Greens secured an important win for renters by extending the moratorium on evictions — but this isn’t the end. 

We’re campaigning to: 

  • End no-cause evictions 
  • Introduce rent capping to protect vulnerable people from unfair rent hikes 
  • Give renters security and stability through long-term tenancies
  • Establish a government-funded tenant’s union to ensure renters have access to independent advocacy 
  • Allow renting with pets
  • Stamp out underhand rental bidding that force rents up and up 
  • Cap the number of nights a property can be listed for short stay rental (e.g Airbnb)

In July I introduced a bill to cap rent in South Australia to stop prices skyrocketing out of control.

Watch my speech on the Residential Tenancies (Rent Control) Amendment Bill here and read my submission to the review here.

I also called on the Government to provide renters with the same Cost of Living Concession as home owners. You can watch the speech here.

Action on Homelessness

The Greens have been leading the charge for investment in public housing.

We’re campaigning to:

You can read more about my work on the housing crisis here.