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A Fair Go For Renters

South Australia’s rental market is in dire need of repair, and the government has been ignoring the maintenance reports. The economic upheavals of the pandemic have only further skewed a system that already has South Australian renters among the least-protected in the country. 

The Greens recently secured an important win for renters by extending the moratorium on evictions from June to September — but this isn’t the end. 

We’re campaigning to: 

  • End no fault evictions 
  • Introduce rent capping to protect vulnerable people from unfair rent hikes 
  • Give renters security and stability through long-term tenancies
  • Establish a government-funded tenant’s union to ensure renters have access to independent advocacy 
  • Make pet-friendly properties the norm, instead of the exception 
  • Stamp out underhand rental bidding that force rents up and up 



Active Transport

For too long our state governments have been addicted to roads and ribbon cutting, often at the expense of simple, sensible active transport solutions that are better for people and the planet. The Greens want to get SA moving by promoting active transport 

At a time when cycling and active transport are being taken up in greater numbers all around the world, South Australia is lagging behind. Our state spends millions on roads, but has the lowest rate of investment in cycling infrastructure in the country. In 2015-16 we spent just $4 million on cycling infrastructure out of a $569 million roads budget — that’s 0.6%.  

We’ve seen over and over how this vital infrastructure can hit disappointing roadblocks at different levels of government. That’s why we’re calling for the establishment of an independent Walking and Cycling Commissioner to champion these inclusive and sustainable forms of travel, and promote the health, environmental, social and economic benefits they bring to our state.  

Read more about my Bill for a Walking and Cycling Commissioner here 

Stop Privatising SA

Privatisation has been a bipartisan sport in South Australian politics for far too long. From selling off the state’s public housing and power network, to handing over the keys to our buses and trains, this decades-long fire sale has short-changed the people of South Australia who are often left with poorer services at higher prices. 

The Greens have secured a parliamentary inquiry into this endless privatisation, which will consider: 

  • What privatised services really costs the public 
  • How privatisation affects quality of services, particularly for the members of the community who rely on them the most 
  • The impact of privatisation on employment rates and workers’ rights, particularly in regional settings 
  • The effect on income and wealth inequality 
  • How privatisation affects social cohesion, public participation and what we expect from our governments  

We will continue speaking out against the privatisation of our vital public services. 

Watch my speech on the privatisation inquiry here  

Make a submission to the inquiry here 



A Green New Deal for SA

The Greens are campaigning for a Green New Deal for SA to tackle the climate crisis and fight growing inequality. 

Over the last few years we have seen the devastating effects of climate change and South Australia has been hard hit by drought and bushfire. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inequality that exists within our society and the growing gap between rich and poor. South Australia continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the nation.   

Now is not the time for business as usual. We need a new plan for our state’s future.   

We need a Green New Deal - a plan of investment and action to create jobs, invest in emerging and innovative industries, and rebuild our public and social infrastructure. 

We’ve moved a motion in the Legislative Council calling on the Marshall government to: 

  • Adopt an innovative jobs growth plan through investing in publicly-owned renewable energy and storage projects 
  • Invest in more social housing to help end homelessness 
  • Employ more educators, healthcare workers, nurses and social support workers to ensure all South Australians have access to the care they need 
  • Expand our public transport network to reduce congestion and emissions 
  • Support the revival of our CBD precinct and the local businesses that make it 
  • Embrace and support our creative industries and the arts 
  • Care for country and culture. 

Watch my speech to learn more about a Green New Deal and what it means for SA.