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Targeting Waste

If we all work together; individuals, businesses and governments, we can eliminate waste through building a truly circular economy.

BYO Food Containers

South Australia has a reputation for being an innovative leader in recycling and reducing consumer waste. In 2021 I introduced a bill to amend the Civil Liabilities Act to protect businesses that allow customers to bring their own takeaway containers from liability if the consumer fails to properly sterilise the container.

In July 2022 my bill passed both houses of Parliament and became law, providing certainty and protection to businesses that want to encourage their customers to reduce their waste. This was a great example of the Parliament working collaboratively to deliver positive outcomes for our environment. You can watch my speech here.

Reducing E-Waste

Some of the world’s biggest companies are selling products with deliberately short lifespans, knowing full well that they will only last a few years before we need to buy replacements. The result is a growing mountain of e-waste.

I’ve introduced a bill that will require the shortest lifespan of the product to be advertised at the point of sale and applies to any electrical products that have built in (non-removable) batteries or plug into electricity sockets. This is a common-sense initiative that will enable consumers to make an informed choice about the lifespan of a product before they buy – a good outcome for consumers’ hip pockets and our environment too. You can watch my speech introducing the bill here.

Holding Tobacco Companies to Account

Cigarette butts are harmful to the environment and hazardous to our health. South Australians are sick and tired of seeing cigarette butts littering their streets, beaches and other public spaces. It’s time for big corporations, like tobacco companies to be held to account for the waste they produce.

In February I introduced a bill to force cigarette companies to establish a deposit scheme for cigarette butt waste (similar to the Container Deposit Scheme that relates to cans and bottles) to ensure that their waste is disposed of appropriately. This move would be a national first and further cement SA’s place as a leader in waste reduction. You can watch my speech introducing the bill here.