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Rent Freeze Now!

South Australia is in the middle of a full-blown housing crisis. While thousands remain on the waitlist for social housing, rent prices have continued to spiral out of control.

In 2023, the Greens negotiated the biggest reforms to renting in South Australia in a generation which included ending no-cause evictions, extending the notice period to end a tenancy from 28 days to 60 days, and a new independent tenant’s advocacy service.

Now, we've introduced a bill into State Parliament that pushing the Government to make renting affordable with a two-year rent freeze, and by capping increases in line with inflation thereafter.

But to pass the bill, we need your help.

Almost a third of South Australians are renters, and together we are powerful. We can pressure the Government to act.

With a huge number of signatures, we can show the government that SA renters are demanding action.

10,000 Signatures

89 Signatures

Will you sign?

Add your name to the campaign to urge Premier Peter Malinauskas to support the Greens' bill to introduce rent capping in SA. You'll also be first to know of any updates on the campaign.