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Save the Cranker!

A developer has applied for planning consent for construction of multi-level student accommodation at 188 and 196 Grenfell St, which are currently home to the venues Roxie’s, Chateau Apollo, Midnight Spaghetti as well as the Cranker.

The application proposes “partial demolition and adaptive reuse” of the Cranker site.

For over 30 years, countless local and touring independent bands have entertained South Australian audiences on the Cranker’s stage. It would be a massive loss to Adelaide’s cultural heritage if this development leads to the Cranker closing its doors to live music.

When questioned about the proposal, Planning Minister Nick Champion admitted that SA’s heritage laws protect built form but "doesn't protect the cultural element of it, the live music element".

It’s absurd that when we’re talking about an iconic building that is part of Adelaide social and cultural life, like the Cranker, that the value to the community isn’t given appropriate consideration by our planning and heritage laws.

Greens are urging the Government to urgently work with us to close this loophole.

Tell Premier Peter Malinauskas to change our laws and ensure that the Cranker and other pubs like it get the protection that they deserve!