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SA Must Follow Victoria on Ministerial Diary Disclosure

1 December 2023

The SA Greens are urging the South Australian Government to commit to supporting their Private Member’s Bill to require the publication of ministerial diaries when Parliament resumes next year, following news that Victoria will now join Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT in adopting this transparency measure.

“My bill requiring the publication of ministerial diaries passed the Upper House in July last year. It has been left to languish in the Lower House for more than 12 months without the support of the Malinauskas Government. It is deeply embarrassing that South Australia now lags behind Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT in adopting this simple transparency measure,” said Greens Attorney-General Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

“Earlier this week, the Government supported a bill from One Nation relating to ministerial travel, yet it has failed to explain why it will not support the Greens’ bill. Today’s announcement from the Victorian Government makes SA Labor’s position on this untenable.”

Mr Simms’ bill will require ministers to publicly disclose all meetings, events and functions which relate to their professional responsibility. It does not require the disclosure of personal meetings and will permit the omission of information deemed by the Minister to be contrary to the public interest.

During the week One Nation and Connie Bonaros joined with Labor to oppose a motion from Frank Pangallo MLC requiring Upper House ministers to produce diary documents.

Robert Simms questioned Attorney-General Kyam Maher about Labor’s position on his bill in Parliament this week.