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Greens urge Government to work with them to safeguard the Crown & Anchor

28 March 2024

The Greens are urging the State Government to work with them to fast-track reforms to planning and heritage laws to protect the iconic Crown & Anchor Hotel from development.

South Australia’s planning and heritage laws are focused on protecting the built form of a heritage place, but do not include adequate consideration of their cultural and social value.

Greens Planning and Heritage Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC has written to Deputy Premier Susan Close and Planning Minister Nick Champion to request the Government work with the Greens to amend the law to ensure that the social and cultural value of heritage places is considered as a key part of any development assessment process.

“It’s clear that SA’s planning and heritage laws are simply not fit for purpose. The Labor Party is the architect of this failed planning regime which so often excludes community views and is blind to our city’s cultural life. Labor has the power to fix this,” said Mr Simms.

“It’s absurd that when we’re talking about an iconic building that is part of Adelaide social and cultural life, like the Crown & Anchor, that the value to the community isn’t given appropriate consideration by our planning laws.”

“The Greens are urging the Government to work with us to close this loophole and ensure that the Crown & Anchor and other pubs like it get the protection that they deserve.”