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Greens to move for inquiry into soaring grocery prices

23 November 2023

The SA Greens will move for an inquiry into grocery prices when parliament resumes next week, as families struggle with rising food costs in the lead up to Christmas.

According to Treasury data, the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages in SA has increased by 8 per cent over the last year and Foodbank have recorded a 57 per cent increase in families visiting their food hubs.

“The cost of living crisis is hitting our state hard. The cost of everything is going up, including essentials like groceries. Sadly, many families are going to struggle to put food on the table this Christmas - meanwhile, Coles and Woolies continue to make enormous profits. This has to change and the Parliament has a responsibility to investigate and see what can be done. It’s time to crack down on the mega profits of the big food retailers,” said Greens Treasury Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

Both Coles and Woolworths made more than $1b in profit last financial year.

Mr Simms will move for the inquiry to examine the following:

  1. The trends in grocery pricing in South Australia, compared to other states in Australia and internationally;
  2. The disparities in grocery pricing between metropolitan and regional areas;
  3. The impact of high grocery prices on consumers, particularly for those on low incomes;
  4. The relationship between wholesale prices paid to farmers and the retail price paid by consumers;
  5. The prevalence of food insecurity in South Australia;
  6. The prevalence of price gouging practices and anti-competitive behaviour among grocery retailers and the impact on consumers;
  7. Factors contributing to high grocery prices;
  8. Potential opportunities for further regulation of grocery retailers and opportunities for State Government intervention.