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Greens slam One Nation, One Uni Deal

18 October 2023

The Greens have slammed a deal between One Nation and Connie Bonaros to secure passage of the uni merger plan, before members of the Upper House had even had the opportunity to file amendments.

“It’s profoundly disappointing to see Connie Bonaros giving the Government a blank cheque on this bill when amendments haven’t even been filed. The Upper House has a responsibility to act as a house of review, not simply a rubber stamp for the Government of the day,” said Greens SA Education Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

“The dud deal negotiated by One Nation and Ms Bonaros falls well short of what’s required and misses a big opportunity for higher education in our state.”

“Any new university could have led the nation with modern governance arrangements, protections for workers and more input from staff and students into its decision making. Instead, Ms Bonaros and One Nation have signed up to a dud deal without even giving their colleagues the opportunity to file amendments to the bill.”

“It’s also unconscionable that the Government would strike a deal with One Nation on this reform, given that party’s appalling track record of undermining our universities and public institutions in the federal parliament.”

“Many South Australians will be alarmed by this One Nation, One Uni deal. The Government must reveal the full nature of any agreement reached with One Nation. Does this uni merger deal mean support for any One Nation policies or proposals in the parliament in the future?”