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Greens move to safeguard Park Lands from SAPOL

27 June 2023

The Police Minister will be stripped of the power to approve any new SAPOL barracks on the Park Lands under a Greens bill to be introduced into State Parliament this week.

The bill which amends the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Act will remove the section that gives the Police Minister the power to approve a Mounted Operations Unit on the Park Lands in the future.

“While the Government has announced it has a new site in mind for the SAPOL Mounted Operations Unit, the threat to the Park Lands remains and under the current Act, the Police Minister has a blank cheque to allocate any Park Lands to SAPOL,” said Greens MLC Robert Simms.

“The Greens are seeking to remove that provision- ensuring the Park Lands are protected from any future SAPOL land grab.”

“While we welcomed the Government finding another site for the Mounted Operations Unit, they have a poor track record on protecting our Park Lands. The Parliament needs to close this loop hole,” said Mr Simms.

Mr Simms will give notice of the bill in State Parliament this afternoon.