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Greens move to require Walker Tower to pay Council rates

28 June 2023

The Walker Corporation would be liable for Council rates under a Greens’ bill to be introduced into State Parliament today.

The Walker Tower is currently exempt from paying rates as the building is on Crown land. The Greens are moving to amend the Local Government Act to enable the Adelaide City Council to charge them rates.

“It’s absurd that at a time when South Australians are seeing their Council rates increase, a billionaire developer could be excused from paying any rates at all on this office tower. Surely during this economic crisis, the Walker Corporation should be paying its fair share and contributing to the City Council’s bottom line,” said Greens Spokesperson for the City of Adelaide, Robert Simms MLC.

“Naturally, the Walker Tower has a big impact on our city. It’s only appropriate that they contribute towards the upkeep of the public space and the work of their local Council. The Greens will be moving to close this loop hole in the Parliament today and we urge all parties to back this common sense reform.”