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Greens move for State Government to protect the Cranker

9 April 2024

The Greens will move for the State Government to oppose any demolition or adaptive reuse of the Crown and Anchor Hotel and strengthen SA’s heritage laws to reflect the cultural and social value of the pub, in Parliament this week.

The Greens’ motion to be introduced by Heritage and Planning Spokesperson Robert Simms acknowledges the history of the pub along with the huge community campaign to save it. More than 13,000 people have signed an online petition so far.

“The Cranker has been part of SA’s story for generations. It’s clear that our state heritage laws don’t go far enough in terms of recognising the cultural and social value of heritage sites, like the Cranker. This isn’t just about bricks and mortar, it’s about the beating heart of our city. This motion calls for the Government to amend our laws to plug that gap,” Mr Simms said.

“The Government also needs to oppose this development and make that position clear to the State Commission Assessment Panel. It’s simply not acceptable for Premier Peter Malinauskas and Minister Nick Champion to wash their hands of this.”

“I know the Premier is passionate about putting Adelaide on the map. But he should remember that a city without historic pubs and live music venues like the Cranker, is at risk of being known more for tumble-weeds than events.”  

Text of the motion:

On Wednesday 10 April 2024

The Hon. R. A. Simms to move that this council –

  1. Notes that Singapore-based developer Wee Hur Holdings Ltd has made an application for partial demolition and adaptive reuse of the site of the Crown & Anchor Hotel, which was first licensed in 1853 and has been a cornerstone of Adelaide’s live music scene for over 3 decades.
  2. Acknowledges an online petition signed by over 15,000 people opposing any attempts at demolition or change in the use of the Crown & Anchor Hotel.
  3. Recognises that Adelaide is a designated UNESCO City of Music for the vibrancy of the city’s music culture, including its live music venues.
  4. Calls on the Malinauskas Government to:

a) oppose any partial demolition or adaptive reuse of the Crown & Anchor Hotel;

b) make a submission to the State Commission Assessment Panel indicating that position; and

c) move to amend state heritage laws to ensure that cultural and social value is considered in the development assessment of heritage sites like the Crown & Anchor Hotel.