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Greens join nurses’ call for regional incentives

April 4 2024

The Greens are calling on the State Government to back the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation’s (ANMF) request for urgent rural and remote incentives for nurses and midwives to address the staff shortage that is putting regional country hospital services under threat of closure.

Although the Department of Health and Wellbeing reached an agreement with the ANMF in 2022 to address the shortage of regional nurses and midwives by improving relocation allowances, increasing assistance with removal costs, and offering greater support with HECS-HELP repayment options, these changes have yet to be implemented.

“It is deeply concerning to hear that hospital services in our regions are being reduced or may close simply because the Government has failed to provide the necessary support for nurses and midwives to work in regional locations”, said Greens SA Health Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

“The State Government must listen to ANMF and urgently provide incentives that will ensure that there are enough nurses and midwives to keep regional health services fully functioning. Otherwise, there is a serious risk that people living in the regions will be left unable to access life saving healthcare.”