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Greens call on State Government to step up on Airbnb regulation

14 December 2023

The Greens are urging the Malinauskas Government to regulate short stay rental accommodation as Adelaide City Council considers tightening its own regulations on Airbnbs and short stay properties.

The options being considered by Adelaide City Council include introducing raising council rates for Airbnbs and short stay rentals and requiring a permit to operate a short-term rental property.

“The rental crisis shouldn’t be left to individual councils to deal with on their own. Short term rentals are having a big impact on the housing supply across the state, including in regional and coastal areas where houses are sitting vacant for six months of the year during the off-season. Meanwhile, we have desperate people sleeping on the street. It's time for the State Government to step up and regulate this industry," said Greens SA Housing Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

“This could involve capping the number of a nights a short-term rental property can be listed or offering incentives to owners return their properties into the rental market for long-term tenants.”

In September the Victorian Government announced a 7.5 per cent levy on Airbnb, with the money raised being allocated to building more social and affordable housing.