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Greens call for SA Government to switch off gas as part of net zero target

27 February 2024

The Greens warn that the State Government’s decision to bring forward a net zero target for SA’s electricity to 2027 could be a smokescreen for fossil fuels, unless gas fired power generation gets the axe.

“In setting a target of net zero by 2027 yet still allowing for some power generation through dirty gas, Labor is setting up a potential smokescreen for fossil fuels,” said the Greens’ Energy Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

“It’s simply not enough for emissions to be net zero, we also need to break South Australia’s reliance on gas. Offsetting gas to achieve net zero is always a risky strategy as it involves propping up the fossil fuel industry at time of climate crisis.”  

“Of particular concern is news that the Government intends to use gas to plug gaps in the state’s renewable energy supply. Rather than relying on gas to supplement renewables, SA should be scaling up battery storage and implementing community grids.”

“We welcome the Government’s desire to get more ambitious about emission targets but urge them to re-think the role of fossil fuels in this transition.”