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Bail (Conditions) Amendment Bill 2023

7 March 2028

The Hon. R.A. SIMMS (15:26): I rise very briefly to speak on the Bail (Conditions) Amendment Bill 2023 and to indicate that the Greens will support this bill. Domestic and family violence is a very serious matter, as we know. In Australia, one in six women and 11 per cent of all adults experience violence from a partner. Since the first national plan to reduce violence against women and their children was adopted 13 years ago, I understand that over 700 women have been murdered. First Nations women, women from culturally diverse backgrounds, women in regional areas, older women, LGBTIQ+ women and women with disabilities are even more likely to experience this violence.

It is clear that what has been done to date is not working and has not gone far enough. We need to continue introducing measures to protect people from this terrible abuse. This bill ensures that survivors have an extra level of protection in what are deemed high-risk cases. When a perpetrator has been found to have contravened an intervention order through physical violence or threat of physical violence in a domestic or family violence case, they will be subject to bail conditions that impose electronic monitoring devices.

This bill reduces the threat of further violence to people who have experienced family or domestic violence and will give them one more assurance that their safety will be protected. The Greens therefore support this measure. I note the opposition will be moving some amendments, and the Hon. Michelle Lensink has spoken to those. I have some concerns and have flagged these with the honourable member around the potential resourcing implications of those amendments, and I will explore some of those concerns with the Attorney-General during the committee stage to get some clear advice from the government around the implications of what the honourable member has proposed. With that, I conclude my remarks.