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Active Transport and Public Transport

For too long our state governments have been addicted to roads and ribbon cutting, often at the expense of simple, sensible public transport and active transport solutions that are better for people and the planet. The Greens want to get SA moving by promoting public transport and active transport.  

At a time when public transport and active transport are being taken up in greater numbers all around the world, South Australia is lagging behind. Our state spends millions on roads but has the lowest rate of investment in cycling infrastructure in the country. In 2015-16 we spent just $4 million on cycling infrastructure out of a $569 million roads budget — that’s 0.6%.  

We’ve seen over and over how this vital infrastructure can hit disappointing roadblocks at different levels of government. That’s why we’re calling for free public transport, a major upgrade of South Australia’s public transport and active transport infrastructure, and the establishment of an independent Walking and Cycling Commissioner to champion active transport. You can read more about my Bill for a Walking and Cycling Commissioner here

In 2022 the Greens secured a parliamentary inquiry into the availability and quality of public transport, and the role of government in encouraging cycling and walking and the future of e-scooters. The Committee heard overwhelming evidence that SA's public and active transport infrastructure has been neglected, particularly in the regions. Some of the key recommendations of the Committee included:

  • an increase the frequency of buses in metropolitan Adelaide and in regional centres
  • a trial of passenger train services from Mount Barker to Adelaide;
  • enabling privately owned e-scooters and other personal mobility devices in public spaces
  • developing a state-wide integrated separating cycling network.

You can watch my speech on the findings of the Committee here and read the full report here.