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Welcome to the New Parliament

3 May 2022

The Hon. R.A. SIMMS: Thank you, Mr. President, and I congratulate you on your elevation to the role. I just wanted to rise very briefly on behalf of the Greens to support the motion and to join in the sentiments of all the speakers in congratulating and welcoming the new members to this parliament. Might I, in particular, reflect on the remarkable achievement of the Hon. Ms. Curran. To be elected at 25 is a real achievement and I congratulate you on that.

I also want to recognise the contributions of the departing members, the Hon. Rob Lucas, the Hon. John Darley and the Hon. John Dawkins, all of whom have been long-serving members of this chamber and who have made enormous contributions over many years. Watching the events that have occurred over the last few hours today, it really is time to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a democracy where we can have a peaceful transfer of power and where we can treat each other with respect and adhere to those important democratic traditions.

I wish all members well for this term of parliament on behalf of the Greens, and might I also reflect on the incredible achievement of the Hon. Russell Wortley. He has had more farewells than John Farnham, but he is here again and I wish him all the best.