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Support builds for rent capping

20 December 2022

The Greens have renewed their calls for rent capping to be part of reform of the Residential Tenancies Act, following SACOSS, Uniting Communities, Better Renting, and the Anti-Poverty Network SA joining the push.

The key renter advocacy groups have called for the Government to cap rent increases as part of their submissions to the review of the Residential Tenancies Act - a position also advocated by the Greens in their submission.

In July, Greens MLC Robert Simms introduced a Private Members Bill to cap rent increases in line with CPI and restrict them to once in a 24-month period. See previous release here.

“Rent prices are spiralling out of control. Rent capping is desperately needed to stop more and more South Australians from plunging into poverty. Today’s announcement from a broad range of community groups, demonstrates that momentum is building for this reform. It’s time for the Government to take action. I will continue to pursue this issue in the New Year,” said Mr Simms.