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Stop Selling Off Our State - Greens Secure Privatisation Inquiry

12 May 2021

New Greens Member of the Legislative Council, Robert Simms has successfully moved to establish a select committee into the privatisation of public services in South Australia.

“With South Australia now one of the most privatised states in the country, we need a wide-ranging inquiry into the impact of almost three decades of privatisation”, Greens MLC Robert Simms said.

“From the sale of our water supply and electricity services to the debacle that is our public transport system, it’s clear that private profits have come before community services.

“When the end result is a higher cost to the taxpayer, with less efficient services – surely it’s time for something to change?

Text of motion below

That a select committee, to be known as the Select Committee into Privatisation, be established to inquire and report on the following matters:

(a) the privatisation of public services in South Australia, including:

(i) the cost to the public of privatised services, (ii)the quality of privatised services and the outcomes for the public, particularly with respect to disadvantaged members of the public,

(iii) the impact on employment rates, conditions and locations, especially rural and regional employment,

(iv) the effect on income and wealth inequality, and (v)the effect on public participation, social cohesion, and public perception of the role of government;

(vi) any other related matters. 

(b) That the committee present its final report on or before 18 November 2021