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Select Committee on Public and Active Transport begins hearing evidence today

12 July 2022

Today, the Select Committee on Public and Active Transport will begin hearing evidence from local interest groups, the Transport Action Network, the South Australian Transport Action Group and Luigi Rossi.

The committee, established by a motion from Greens MLC Robert Simms, will consider the availability of public transport, the role of government in encouraging cycling and walking and the future of e-scooters.

Today’s hearing will begin at 11am. The audio of proceedings will be streamed online at the following link:

Submissions are now open and will close on 5 August 2022. The committee will report back to Parliament by 30 November, 2022.

Terms of reference:

1. That a select committee be established to inquire and report on the following matters:

(a) the availability and quality of public transport, including:

(i) infrastructure and services in metropolitan and regional areas,

(ii) the impact of fares and frequency,

(iii) the efficacy and impacts of on-demand public transport,

(iv) The reactivation of passenger and freight rail lines in regional South Australia.

(b) The role of government in enabling and encouraging active transport, including:

(i) measures to enable more participation,

(ii) the effect on community health and wellbeing,

(iii) the effect on climate change mitigation,

(iv) measures to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

(c) the use of e-scooters and potential opportunities for expansion or further regulation,

(d) any other related matters.