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Greens respond to State Budget of 'missed opportunities'

02 June 2022

The Greens have welcomed the Malinauskas Government’s increased investment in health in their first budget, but lament the opportunities missed in housing, the environment and higher education.

“The Greens welcome Labor’s increased investment in our hospitals but sadly preventative health doesn’t get the focus it desperately needs,” said the Greens Treasury Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

“There’s no significant increase in public housing in this budget and 400 new public homes just doesn’t cut it. Once again, renters are being completely overlooked – with no rent relief for those who are struggling.”
Mr Simms said the budget also revealed some warped priorities from the new Government.

“At this time of climate crisis, many South Australians will be alarmed to see $18 million being spent on the Adelaide 500 in its first year alone, while the Government cuts solar and battery rebates,” he said.

“In the University sector, $1 million is being allocated to a Commission to investigate mergers. This money would be far better spent on providing assistance to the higher education sector – which is still reeling after COVID.”

“The Government doesn’t need to spend a million dollars on a Commissioner to investigate mergers, when most people in the University sector could tell them it doesn’t work for free.”