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Greens Renew Call to Bring Back ETSA

10 November

The SA Greens have renewed their call for the Government to establish a commission of inquiry into bringing back ETSA as a new report reveals South Australians are paying the highest energy prices in the nation.

According to a South Australian Productivity Commission report, cost savings from renewables are not being passed onto consumers due to a disparity between wholesale and retail prices.

"This is an example of market failure. The State Government needs to step in to ensure that SA consumers get a better deal," said Greens Energy Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

"The Greens are calling for a commission of inquiry to examine bringing back ETSA. We need publicly owned electricity that serves the interests of the community. Public utilities should be about the public not profit."

Mr Simms moved a motion in State Parliament last week "calling on the Malinauskas Government to establish a commission of inquiry to examine reviving ETSA and returning South Australia’s electricity distribution and transmission network to public ownership." He intends to pursue the issue further in parliament next week.