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Greens alarmed by Labor-Liberal push on anti-protest laws

18 May 2023

The civil and political rights of South Australians could be eroded if new anti-protest laws flagged by the major parties are rushed through Parliament, warn the Greens.

The Greens’ comments come as Opposition Leader David Speirs stated that he will seek to have prison terms and fines of up to $50,000 imposed for people who engage in protest behaviour, and Premier Peter Malinauskas said he would work with the Liberals to introduce similar legislation to Parliament as early as today.

Quotes Attributable to Greens Attorney-General Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

"It’s chilling to hear the major parties talking about working together to curtail the right to protest in our democracy.”

“Draconian anti-protest laws were rushed through State Parliament in NSW, it's very alarming to hear that South Australia may be next. The right to peaceful protest and civil disobedience are fundamental to our democracy."

‘We live in a strange world where it’s acceptable for the Government to close off parts of the city for months to hold a car race, yet blocking a lane of traffic to protest the climate crisis is apparently a bridge too far.”

“The Greens are urging the Government not to rush this legislation through to ensure that the full implications can be considered by the Parliament and the community.”

Quotes Attributable to Greens Climate Spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC

“The recent World Meteorological Organisation report is another reminder of the need for urgent action on the climate crisis. If only the Labor and Liberal parties were as keen to work together with such urgency on the real crisis before us.”