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Greens move to freeze rents

29 April 2024

Rents will be frozen for the next two years, under a Greens bill to be introduced into State Parliament this week.  


Under the new law, landlords would be  prevented from increasing rents on a residential premises for the next two years. After that, they would be able to increase rents but only in line with inflation.


“We are in the midst of the worst housing crisis in generations. It’s clear that leaving tenants at the mercy of the market is simply not working. It’s morally wrong that we have more and more South Australians being plunged into poverty and homelessness, while some landlords rake in record profits,” said Greens MLC Robert Simms.


“This bill would give renters a reprieve from skyrocketing prices and insert some fairness back into the housing market.”


“Rent freezes have worked during times of crisis for our country in the past. The Greens urge the Parliament to back this plan and give renters some relief.”