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State Upper House Opposes Riverbank Arena

28 October 2021

The State Upper House has backed a motion from the Greens, opposing the construction of a Sports Arena on the Park Lands.

The move comes as Greens’ Spokesperson for the City of Adelaide, Robert Simms MLC also introduced a Private Members Bill to prevent the Planning Minister from rezoning the Park Lands without the approval of both Houses of Parliament.

“Last night the Upper House sent the Government a clear message. We don’t want to see the heritage values of our Park Lands being jeopardised by development. It is untenable for the Government to now press ahead with its plans for this Arena on the Riverbank, when it’s been opposed by one of the houses of parliament, along with the Adelaide City Council. The Government needs to go back to the drawing board,” Mr Simms said.

“The Park Lands belong to all South Australians. If we allow them to be rezoned for commercial or residential use, we change their character forever. The Private Members Bill I introduced would ensure that the parliament has a say on their future.

I’ll be bringing my Bill to a vote in coming weeks. In the meantime, the Government need to hit the pause button on their rezoning plans. They’ve been moving at break-neck speed. It’s time for the parliament to have a say.”

Mr. Simms’ motion was supported by Labor and the crossbenches (the text is below).

That this council—

  1. Notes that the site proposed by the state government for a ‘Riverbank Arena’, Helen Mayo Park (Park 27), is designated Parklands under the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005
  2. Notes that the Adelaide Parklands and city layout are listed on the national heritage register and parts of the proposed site fall within the area of the listing;
  3. Notes that the proposed development of the site could impact adversely on the heritage values of the Parklands; and
  4. Opposes the state government developing Helen Mayo Park on the basis that this represents a further erosion of the Parklands that is inconsistent with its status as a nationally heritage listed site.