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Select Committee On Privatisation Of Public Services In SA Hands Down Report

16 November 2021

The Greens-led Inquiry has today handed down its majority report into the impact of privatisation in South Australia.

“With South Australia now one of the most privatised states in the country, this report has shone a light on the damning effect privatisation has had on our public services,” Chair of the committee, Robert Simms MLC said.

“The report makes a range of recommendations for the future that would improve the accountability of private corporations running public services and safeguard against the sell offs our public services without due consideration of the impact. Importantly, the Committee has recommended that a moratorium be placed on all future privatisations – until the recommendations in the report are actioned.”Key recommendations from the majority report include:

  • The establishment of an independent regulatory body to provide oversight over services that have been privatised;.
  • The establishment of a standing parliamentary committee to review existing privatisations and make recommendations on any proposed privatisations prior to government approval
  • Subsidiaries of multinationals awarded contracts for delivering public services to publicly report on their domestic and international revenues and tax payments
  • Protections of employment standards for those working in government services that are privatised
  • A moratorium on further privatisations on government services until all recommendations are actioned.

To download a copy of the full majority report click here