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Renters still overlooked in Cost of Living Concession

7 July 2022

The Greens are calling on the Malinauskas Government to increase the Cost of Living Concession for renters to the same level as home owners, following news concession payments will be brought forward to August.

“Given skyrocketing inflation, the Government’s decision to bring forward the date of payments for the Cost of Living Concession will be welcome relief for many South Australians who are struggling. Unfortunately, however the Government has still not increased the payment rate for renters to bring it into line with homeowners. This is a missed opportunity to help those experiencing rental stress,” said Greens Treasury and Housing Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

“At a time when we are facing a full-blown rental affordability crisis, it’s absurd that the Government is paying a different rate to renters and homeowners. We know that renters are facing record rent prices and are desperately in need of relief. I encourage the Government to urgently consider what they can do to support these South Australians. There also needs to be structural reform of our rental and housing system to deal with this crisis.”

The Greens are calling for a raft of measures to tackle SA’s housing crisis, including investment in public housing, and taxing vacant properties. Yesterday, Mr Simms introduced a Private Members Bill to cap rent increases in line with CPI, limited to once every 24 months.