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Parliament Backs Greens' Reform To Improve Transparency In Local Government

10 June 2021

The House of Assembly has joined the Legislative Council in backing an amendment from the Greens requiring candidates standing in Council elections to disclose donations received before the voting period, for the first time. The reform will now become law. 

“This is a big win for transparency. Finally, electors will now know whether or not candidates standing for office are bankrolled by vested interests,” said Robert Simms MLC, the Greens Spokesperson for Local Government. 

“Donations shouldn’t be hidden until after the voting period. As a result of this Green reform, electors will now get this information before they vote - allowing them to make an informed choice.”

Under the previous rules Council candidates were required to disclose any donations received within 30 days of the outcome of the election. Under the Greens reform, council candidates will now be required to make an additional disclosure before Election Day within 7 days of lodging their nomination. 

The Greens amendment was supported as part of the suite of Local Government reforms that passed the parliament today.