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Labor And Libs Quash Greens Push To Strengthen Code Of Conduct

18 November 2021

A move from the Greens to impose penalties on MPs for breaching a new Code of Conduct was defeated today, with only the Greens voting in support.

The amendment proposed by Greens MLC Robert Simms would have given the Parliament the power to suspend MPs who breach the Code or require them to apologise or pay a fine.

“The Greens welcome this long-overdue Code of Conduct for MPs being put in place; however the major parties have squibbed an opportunity to develop a Code with real teeth,” Mr Simms said.

“In any workplace, if you do the wrong thing you face the consequences. It should be the same in the parliament. The Greens’ amendment would have mirrored the Victorian model, giving the Parliament authority to discipline MPs who have behaved badly. I think the community will be disappointed that the Parliament has fallen short.”

Mr Simms moved his amendment to Standing Orders in the Upper House.