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Greens to move to refer anti-protest laws to a parliamentary committee

24 May 2023

The Greens will move to refer Labor’s draconian anti-protest laws to a parliamentary committee when the Upper House returns next week.

“It’s clear that the implications of this thought bubble fermented on talk back radio have not been considered by the major parties,” said Greens MLC Robert Simms.

“Advice from the Human Rights Law Centre indicates that this bill could have wide reaching consequences - not just impeding the right to protest but even potentially impacting on people who are homeless sleeping on public footpaths.”

“It’s clear from the Attorney-General’s remarks on ABC radio this morning that the Government do not grasp the gravity of the penalties they are seeking to impose and the potential implications for our civic and public life.”

“In rushing such draconian laws through the Lower House with so little debate, Labor and the Liberals are treating the SA community with contempt. They need to cool down and subject this bill to the scrutiny that a parliamentary committee provides,” Mr Simms said.

The Greens will oppose the bill but will seek to refer it to Parliament’s Legislative Review Committee and move a range of amendments in order to provide some level of democratic safeguards.