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Greens To Introduce Private Members Bill Requiring Publication Of Ministerial Diaries

1 December 2021

The Greens are moving to bring South Australia into line with the ACT, Queensland and NSW in requiring public disclosure of Ministerial diaries.

The Private Member’s Bill to be introduced by Greens MLC Robert Simms later today will require State Ministers to publicly disclose all meetings, events and functions which relate to their professional responsibility.

“At a time when faith in politicians is at record lows, we should be aiming for maximum transparency. The community hates the idea of Minsters having private, closed door meetings,” said Robert Simms MLC.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the public has a right to know who Government Ministers are meeting with and why. This measure, when used in conjunction with the lobbyist register, will expose who is lobbying the Government and the interest groups that they represent.”

Mr Simms’ bill does not require the disclosure of personal meetings, and will permit the omission of information deemed by the Minister to be contrary to the public interest. This decision may then be subject to review by the Ombudsman or SACAT, should a member of the public wish to contest it.