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Greens to crackdown on junk food advertising

30 August 2022

Junk food advertising would be banned within 500 metres of SA schools, on bus stops and railway stations and other public property under a Greens bill to be introduced into state parliament next week.

“Junk food has a terrible impact on community health. Junk food advertisers shouldn’t be able to spruik their wares on public property. Promoting this food to school children is particularly dangerous,” said Greens Health Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

“Research from the Cancer Council reveals that 40 per cent of students consume fast food at least once a week and 53 per cent were prompted to try a new food or drink in response to advertising.[1] Obesity is becoming a growing issue among young people and junk food advertising pitches parents in a David and Goliath fight – where they are competing with multi-million dollar corporations who are intent on selling products to their children.”

“Given the role of junk food in obesity and in turn chronic disease, it’s simply not ethical for this to be promoted on publicly owned property and buildings,” Mr Simms said.

The Greens move comes as a new survey from the Australia Institute found two-thirds of respondents supported restrictions on junk food advertising.[2]

Queensland, the ACT and WA have all taken steps to restrict or ban junk food advertising on government property. The SA Public Health Association and the Cancer Council SA have both called restrictions on junk food advertising.