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Greens slam Labor's 'tunnel vision'

14 December 2022

A $15 billion investment in the North-South corridor road project represents warped priorities, say the Greens. 

"Given the twin economic and climate crises we face in our state, is this really the best use of $15 billion dollars?" asked Greens Transport spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

"If the Government is serious about reducing congestion on our roads, more bitumen isn't the solution. It could invest in public transport and cycling infrastructure at a fraction of the cost." 

“The cost of this project has blown out by billions of dollars and it’s not yet clear who will be picking up the bill.”

“With so many challenges in SA at the moment, from homelessness to energy insecurity and spiralling cost of living, many South Australians will be questioning whether this is really the number one priority.”

A PwC financial audit of the Government’s proposal found that the project was more expensive than two other possible roadway solutions used as a comparison. The Advertiser has also reported that a cost-benefit analysis found that the costs outweighed the benefits of going ahead.

Ahead of the March state election, the Greens announced costed plans to expand the South Australian public transport system, including in the Adelaide Hills and regions, and make public transport free at a cost of less than $1.5 billion over four years.