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Greens Slam Labor Park Lands Backflip

21 October 2022

A Greens bill to add the Adelaide Park Lands to the State Heritage List passed the Upper House last night, despite opposition from the Labor Government. 

The Private Members Bill introduced by Greens MLC Robert Simms won unanimous support in the Upper House back in February, but last night was a different story with Labor reversing its position. The bill passed with the support of the opposition parties.

“Now that this bill has passed the Upper House in this new Parliament it’s over to the Government to reconsider their position,” said Mr Simms. 

“Many South Australians will be dismayed to see Labor oppose this bill given they supported the move just 7 months ago. This is a case of Labor doing one thing before the election and doing something entirely different once they’re on the Government benches,” said Mr Simms.

“Fourteen years after the Park Lands secured National Heritage Listing, South Australians are still waiting for their inclusion on the State List. It’s time for the Malinauskas Government to join all other parties in the parliament and support this bill.” 

Mr Simms is today launching a postcard campaign urging constituents to write to the Premier encouraging him to back the Greens bill in the Lower House.