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Greens Move to Reduce Consumer E-Waste

30 November 2022

SA consumers would get more information on the lifespan of electrical goods, under a Greens push to coincide with Christmas sales.

Currently electrical manufacturers are not required to advertise the expected lifespan of a product and many are deliberately designed to become obsolete after a short time frame, resulting in e-waste and replacement costs for consumers. In Parliament today, Greens MLC Robert Simms will introduce a Private Members Bill to tackle the issue requiring the lifespan of products be advertised at sale.

“Some of the world’s biggest companies are selling products with deliberately short lifespans, knowing full well that they will only last a few years before we need to buy replacements. The result is a growing mountain of e-waste”, said Greens SA Waste and Recycling Spokesperson Robert Simms.

The Bill will require the shortest lifespan of the product to be advertised at the point of sale and applies to any electrical products that have built in (non-removable) batteries or plug into electricity sockets.

“This is a common-sense initiative that will enable consumers to make an informed choice about the lifespan of a product before they buy – a good outcome for consumers’ hip pockets and our environment. SA already has a reputation as being leader in waste reduction. This bill would be a national first and really cement SA’s clean, green credentials.”

In 2016, Australia generated 23.6 kilograms of e-waste per inhabitant, with 65% being sent to landfill.[1]