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Greens Move To Protect Food Businesses That Encourage BYO Containers

21 September 2021

Today, the Greens will give notice of legislation to protect food businesses that allow customers to bring in their own takeaway containers from liability.

“We already know that at least 8 million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean each year. This Bill is a logical extension of the phasing out of single use plastics that the Government has already committed to,” said Greens MLC Robert Simms.

“This Bill which amends the Civil Liability Act will provide certainty and protection to businesses that want to encourage their customers to reduce their waste. If you bring your own container to a supermarket, deli or takeaway business, fail to clean it properly and fall ill, it shouldn’t be the fault of the food seller. This Bill will ensure that is the case.”

“While BYO containers won’t be mandatory for customers or businesses, I know many South Australians will jump at the chance to reduce their waste in this way.

“South Australia already has a reputation as being an innovative leader in recycling and reducing consumer waste, and I hope all sides of politics get on board and support this simple reform,” concluded Mr Simms.

The Civil Liability (BYO Containers – Waste Avoidance) Amendment Bill 2021 will be formally introduced on Wednesday. Mr Simms is hopeful to bring the Bill to a vote in the Legislative Council in the coming weeks.