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Greens Move To Cap VC Salaries

9 July 2021

The Greens are moving to cap the salaries of SA’s Vice Chancellors, following news of more potential job losses at the University of Adelaide.  

“At a time when staff in our state’s university sector are facing so much uncertainty, it’s appalling that Vice Chancellors are continuing to receive exorbitant salaries,” said Robert Simms MLC, the Greens Spokesperson for Universities. 

“Australian Vice Chancellors are some of the highest paid in the world, meanwhile their staff are subject to ongoing casualisation and wage and job cuts.”

“It’s time to cap Vice Chancellor salaries to ensure they are more in line with community expectations. Surely the days of VC’s being paid like multinational CEOs are over.”

The Greens Bill, to be introduced when parliament resumes, would cap the salaries of SA Vice Chancellors at the same level as the Premier.

Mr Simms also called on the state government to develop a support package to safeguard university jobs and lobby the federal government to boost its investment in the sector.