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Greens back action on vacant land and properties

7 March 2022

The Greens have today backed calls from community groups (The Advertiser, March 5) for developers who leave land vacant to pay additional taxes.

“It’s appalling that prime real estate in the CBD can be left vacant for years and years. In the middle of a housing affordability crisis, we need to take action to stop developers land banking,” said the Greens Housing Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC.

“The Greens would like to see developers face additional taxes if they leave their land to languish without good reason.”

Mr Simms also called for a tax to be applied on residential property left vacant for more than 12 months (without explanation) bringing SA into line with Victoria.

“We have people literally sleeping on the street, yet there are homes sitting there vacant. The next Government must step in. A vacant property tax would encourage owners to sell or rent out their properties.”

Additionally, the Greens are calling for the next Government to invest in public housing to ensure every South Australian has a roof over the head: