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Green Launch Campaign To Protect Parklands

28 November 2021

The Greens have today launched their campaign to make Park Lands protection a key issue for the upcoming State and Federal elections, by including Adelaide’s iconic green space on the State and World Heritage lists.

Greens MLC Robert Simms will introduce a Private Members Bill on Wednesday that would include the Park Lands on the State’s Heritage list, which is a prerequisite for World Heritage Listing.

The move comes just two weeks after the Labor and Liberal parties defeated his push to prevent rezoning of the Park Lands without parliamentary approval.

“The Park Lands are under threat like never before. State and World Heritage listing would send Governments of both persuasions a clear message that the Park Lands are iconic and should not be the play-thing of developers and vested interests,” Mr Simms said.

Greens lead Senate candidate Barbara Pocock also pledged to pursue World Heritage listing in the Federal Parliament.

“If elected I will work in the Senate, in parallel with Rob in State Parliament, to ensure our Park Lands are appropriately recognised for their World Heritage significance, under both state and national laws and through UNESCO for all time,” Ms Pocock said.

“South Australians know how precious of Park Lands are. They are the envy of cities all over the world. It’s time we protected their cultural, historic, Indigenous and environmental heritage forever.”