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Government must ensure developers aren’t big winners from land release

13 February 2023

The Greens have welcomed the State Government’s move to encourage the development of new housing but warned it must ensure the planning and infrastructure mistakes of the past aren’t repeated.

“It’s clear we need more housing in our state. But the Government must ensure it doesn’t create Mount Barker 2.0 - that is a community that isn’t linked to the services and infrastructure it requires. Proper planning and linkages with public transport are essential”, said Greens SA Housing Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC.

“It’s concerning that just 15 per cent of the proposed properties will be affordable. That’s a meagre target given the depths of the housing crisis. The Government should be ensuring a bulk of this new housing is public and affordable to meet the needs of the community otherwise there’s a real risk developers will be the real winners here”.