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Gas Stinks - Greens Move To Ban Mandatory Gas Connections In New Builds

9 June 2021

Greens move to ban mandatory gas connections in new builds

The Greens have today introduced a Private Member’s Bill to legislate to void any requirement for mandatory gas connections in new residential developments.

While there are currently no laws in place within South Australia mandating gas connection to newly developed properties, these connections are mandated by many property developers in new builds.

“We know that gas is the new coal, and has a terrible environmental impact. It also drives up energy prices and harms community health,” said Greens spokesperson for Energy, Robert Simms MLC.

“It’s absurd that some property developers are denying new home owner sa choice when it comes to their energy.

“This bill takes the power away from the developers and gives it back to the community. We know South Australians prefer clean, green options and many will welcome this choice.”

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure (Gas Infrastructure) Amendment Bill 2021will be introduced into the Legislative Council after Question Time today.