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Commuters Lose Out As Trains Forced To Skip Stops

29 June 2021

The Greens-led Privatisation inquiry of South Australia’s public services yesterday heard that commuters are being left stranded as train drivers are being instructed to make up time to avoid a fine. 
“It’s deeply concerning to hear that stops are being skipped in order to save time by the private train operator.  SA commuters shouldn’t have to pay the price for the Liberals privatisation,” Chair of the committee, Greens MLC Robert Simms said. 

“It’s extraordinary that Keolis Downer, the private provider who took over the operation of Adelaide’s train network, confirmed that commuters can be left stranded on the platform if the train service is running behind schedule. 
“This is yet another example of the impact of privatisation. It’s the commuters who lose out, and the Minister must confirm whether this is a practice that is acceptable for a company that holds a contract with government,” Mr Simms concluded.