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The Adelaide Park Lands... If You Love Them, List Them!

The Adelaide Park Lands are an iconic and cherished part of our state. The benefits of the Park Lands are for all South Australians to enjoy.

But the Park Lands continue to shrink. Each successive generation loses a little bit more, and we need action now to ensure that this unique part of SA is not lost.

We cannot wait any longer to protect our cultural, historic and environmental heritage. State Heritage listing would send governments of both persuasions a clear message that the Park Lands are iconic and they should not be the plaything of developers and vested interests. Our Park Lands should not be for sale. 

Will you sign?

Momentum is building in the campaign to protect the Park Lands, but we need your help.

Sign our petition to urge Premier Peter Malinauskas to add the Adelaide Park Lands to the State Heritage list.