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Tackle the cost of living crisis

The cost of living is skyrocketing out of control and more South Australians are struggling to make ends meet than ever before.

Inflation is seeing record price hikes on food, fuel, housing and other essentials.

As the Malinauskas Government prepares to hand down its first state budget, the Greens are calling for action to ease cost of living pressures by investing in public services.

This State Budget the Greens are calling for Labor to:
- Make public transport free
- Introduce rent caps and rent subsidies
- increase the wages of public sector workers
- scrap public school fees
- boost SA’s investment in public housing

These measures could be funded by ensuring that mining corporations, big banks and developers finally pay their fair share of tax.

The Greens have estimated that the State Government could generate $7 billion worth of revenue by:
- charging a levy on big banks 
- increasing mining royalties 
- taxing developers on the profits made from re-zoning 

In the first week of the new parliament, the Greens moved a motion calling for the Government to take urgent action. Watch here