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Join the fight to protect our Park Lands!

The Adelaide Park Lands are an iconic and cherished part of South Australia. Adelaide remains the only city in the world surrounded by park, open to everybody and with benefits for us all to enjoy.

But our Park Lands are shrinking. Each successive generation loses a little bit more, and there is no mechanism to reclaim them. We must work hard to ensure that this unique part of our city is not lost. Once it is gone, we can never get it back.

In 2022 I introduced a Private Members Bill to ensure that the Minister couldn’t implement any rezoning of the Park Lands without the support of the parliament. Watch my second reading speech here. Unfortunately, the reform was blocked by the Labor and Liberal parties.

I’ve introduced a Bill to Parliament that would add the Park Lands to the State Heritage list in recognition of their cultural, historic, and environmental heritage and finally give the Park Lands the protection they deserve. Watch my speeches introducing the Bill here and here.

Momentum is building in the campaign to protect the Park Lands but we need your help. Sign our petition to urge Premier Peter Malinauskas to add the Adelaide Park Lands to the State Heritage list.

Our Park Lands belong to all South Australians. Let’s send the government a clear message that they are not for sale!