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Greens work with Government to secure win for hospital and retail workers

3 November 2022

The Greens have supported the passage of the Government’s Shopping Centre Carparking Bill through the Upper House following the provision of heavily discounted car parking and free public transport for hospital workers.

The Greens have been backing calls from hospital workers and their unions for the Government to act on the price of transport as cost-of-living pressures soar.

The Government have committed to providing $2.50 daily carparking and free public transport to hospital workers.

“Retail workers have been doing the heavy lifting during this pandemic. They should be protected from unfair car parking price hikes, the Greens have long advocated that this principle should apply to hospital workers as well," said Robert Simms MLC. 

"The provision of heavily discounted carparking and free public transport is a big win for these vital workers and meant that the Greens were willing to move the bill through the Upper House today."

The Government also supported the Greens' push to give the Minister (rather than local Councils) the right to approve carparking fees and moved an amendment to that effect.