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Greens urge free flu vaccinations and action on ramping in next week’s state budget

31 May 2024

The Greens are calling on the SA Government to urgently roll out free flu vaccinations, establish transit wards, and create a state-wide bed manager to tackle the health crisis in next week's state budget. 

The Greens’ push comes after SA Health today announced the cancellation of most elective surgeries as South Australian hospitals struggle to manage a surge in flu and COVID cases.

"It seems that the flu and COVID are already overwhelming our health system and we haven't even hit winter yet. The Malinauskas Government should make the flu vaccine free and available to everyone via their GP or pharmacy to help reduce the pressure on our health system," said Greens Health Spokesperson Robert Simms MLC. 

"Next week's state budget will be an important test for the Government. Ending the ramping crisis was at the centre of Labor’s election campaign, yet more than two years on ambulances are still spending far too long stuck outside hospitals."

The Greens urge the government to heed the advice of the Ambulance Employees Association and take the steps necessary to tackle this crisis." 

The Ambulance Employees Association are calling for: 

  • Transit wards at major Adelaide hospitals to expedite ambulance patient transfers.
  • A state-wide bed manager to oversee all patient transfers and ensure pre-arranged bed availability.
  • Rapid off-load procedures for transferring patient care within 30 minutes of arrival at emergency departments.


The Greens say the proposals could be funded by axing the $159 million dollars of State Government subsidies provided to oil and gas industries.