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Gas Stinks

Despite all the gains we have made in energy efficiency in recent years, many South Australians are being locked into higher energy prices thanks to a system that puts the whims of developers above the interests of homeowners. The Greens have a plan to change that.  

SA developers are able to mandate the use of gas through legally binding covenants that are registered on the certificates of title for new houses and land packages in new housing estates. This means that it’s developers who decide whether or not a property is connected to gas, not the homeowner.  

The Greens’ Gas Infrastructure Amendment Bill would void these provisions in contracts and give consumers real choice. 

We know that gas is the new coal. It has a disastrous environmental impact. It’s also much more costly for homeowners. According to the Grattan Institute, running a new Adelaide house on all electric energy would save up to $2,183 over 10 years and up to $5,556 over 10 years if the switch is made away from gas cooking, hot water and heating. The Climate Council has also warned that exposure to gas heating and cooking can be as dangerous as passive smoking for children with asthma.   

The Greens believe SA consumers should get to decide which energy they use in their home. We will continue to lobby the other political parties in the parliament to back this sensible reform.  

Watch my speech on the Gas Infrastructure Amendment Bill here.